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Ticket Retriever is a ticket broker specializing in concert tickets, sports tickets, theatre tickets and tickets to all major events nationwide.

Ticket Broker FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions...

Why should I buy from a Ticket Broker?

Answer: It is sometimes difficult to purchase good seats when they go on sale to the public. Many have become frustrated with unsuccessful attempts on the phone or dealing with the long lines of fans trying to get the best seats. Many fans don't even know that the tickets have gone on sale until it is too late. It is for these reasons that the need for ticket brokers has grown. Ticket brokers buy and sell tickets on the open market.

A Ticket Broker can offer:
? Personalized service
? You can choose your seat location
? You can see on a map where your seat will be
? First 10 rows are usually available
? Delivery to your home or office
? No more waiting in line just to be disappointed
? Major credit cards are accepted
? Nationwide availability
? No hidden charges
? Tickets to "sold out" shows are still available


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Why are the tickets above face value?

Answer: Tickets are being sold at "Market Price". This means that the ticket brokers are also buying them at well above face value. If someone is selling their tickets to a major event, they generally want to sell them for what they are worth. The majority of the price of the ticket is usually the cost for obtaining them. Then there are general business expenses added to the cost of the tickets.


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Who decides what price the tickets are sold for?

Answer: All ticket prices are based upon the current market value, which is influenced by supply and demand. Therefore, we are constantly updating our ticket prices to accurately reflect the current market value. Our prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

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Why are prices sometimes different for seats in the same or comparable areas?

Answer: Since the main factor influencing the sale price of each ticket is our cost to obtain them, the listing price may be considerably higher for a particular pair of tickets if we paid more to get them. Much like the stock market influences stockbrokers, the ticket market influences the buying and selling prices for ticket brokers. Better seats can be more expensive to obtain, and when the supply of tickets is high the prices will decline. For some events prices can change constantly.

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How do we know that the tickets are genuine tickets?

Answer: By purchasing from a Licensed Ticket Broker you can be assured that we have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee that they are genuine. We verify all of our sources for tickets and only buy from those that are reliable.

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Question: Isn't it true that if it was not for all the ticket brokers that buy the tickets that there would be plenty of seats for the fans?

Answer: No. Ticket brokers generally have a very small percentage of seats to any event and it does not affect availability at all. Most shows that are sold out would not even come close to having enough seats for all the fans wanting to attend.

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Don't ticket brokers purchase large blocks of tickets that are never offered to the public?

Answer: No. Most performers and sports teams assure that this does not happen. Promoters make sure that tickets aren't sold in advance and impose limits when tickets go on sale to ensure that one person can not buy a large block of inventory.

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Question: Where do you get your tickets?

Answer: We buy our tickets from a variety of worldwide suppliers including; ticket box offices, season ticket holders and other ticket resellers. We often purchase tickets from customers like you who have extra tickets to sell.

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Question: Can I get tickets for events not listed on your website?

Answer: Yes, if you submit a Request for Ticket Information form or send an email, we will try to find the tickets you need. We are able to get pricing information on most major events.

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Question: Will my tickets be shipped to me the same day I order them?

Answer: Tickets are sent as soon as they are physically available. That means we will ship your tickets to you (via the shipping method you selected) immediately after we receive them in our office. Most tickets are shipped within a few days of the date they were ordered. Some tickets, particularly those ordered for major events, take considerable time before we receive them. Often we do not receive them until the week of the event. However, your tickets are guaranteed after an order is officially confirmed and you will receive them prior to your event.

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Question: Can I have my tickets shipped to an address different than the address on my credit card?

Answer: Yes, but only under certain conditions. In those situations, we have to get a faxed permission form from the cardholder that includes a photocopy of the cardholder?s driver's license and credit card.

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Question: Can I cancel for any reason after I place an order?

Answer: No. All sales are final and there are no cancellations or exchanges.

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Question: Will I get a refund if my event cancels?

Answer: If an event completely cancels and is not rescheduled, then you will receive a complete refund (less original shipping charges) if the original tickets are returned to our office within 10 days of the scheduled event date. However, if part of an event cancels, there are no refunds issued. We are not liable for refunds for the following circumstances that are beyond our control: event postponement, rescheduling or time changes due to weather, nature, construction, or any other abnormal conditions or developments.

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Question: What does the ticket symbol mean when it is next to particular tickets?

Answer: The symbol represents a temporarily featured item that is an exceptional value!

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Ticket Retriever specializes in tickets for concerts, theatre and sporting events nationwide. Our service provides tickets for premium seating locations and the hard to find tickets to in demand or sold out shows at very competitive prices. If you have any questions about our tickets while placing your order online, we welcome your call at:

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