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About The Denver Broncos

Perhaps one of the worst teams in the NFL with a shameful record of 39 wins, 97 losses, and 4 ties. It also happens to be the worst record of any of the eight original AFL members. But just because you have a bad record doesn’t mean that you can’t have super star players like Lionel Taylor and Floyd Little who helped the Broncos win the first-ever AFL game played over the Boston Patriots 13 to 10 in 1960.

The Broncos also hold the title as the first AFL team to defeat an NFL team in 1967 Beating the Detroit Lions 13 to 7 (pre-season).

With a loosing record that the Broncos carry around with them, it’s hard to believe that they have made six appearances in the Super Bowl and even won twice once in 1977 and then again in ’78 especially when they didn’t have their first winning season until 1973, an unlucky thirteen years before their first winning season. As a matter of fact, Denver almost lost their franchise in 1965.

Head coach John Ralston was responsible for their first victorious season of 7 wins, 5 losses, and 2 ties. One of those ties was against the Oakland Raiders and it was the very first time Denver played in a Monday night football game. It would be remembered as the game that turned the Broncos around.

In 1977, rookie coach Red Miller grabbed hold of the Bronco reigns and along with the “Orange Crush Defense” and quarterback Craig Morton, they took the Denver Broncos to their first Playoff and eventually to their first Super Bowl where they lost to the then unbeatable Dallas Cowboys 27 to 10.

Quarterback John Elway joined the Broncos in 1983; originally he was Baltimore’s number one draft pick. However, Elway said he would not play football if he couldn’t play for any of the team on his list. Denver was one of those teams.

Prior to the Elway era the Broncos in 23 seasons had more than 24 starting quarterbacks. Elway would be the last for some time.

Elway led the Broncos through five super bowls and would retire as MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII (33). The Broncos lost Super Bowl XXI to the New York Giants 39 to 20, lost Super Bowl XXII to Washington Redskins 42 to 10 and in the most lopsided game in Super Bowl history they lost to the San Francisco 49ers 55 to 10.

Terrell Davis Joined club Broncos in 1995. In ’97 he led the seam to Super Bowl XXXII beating the Green Bay Packers 31 to 24. Terrell Davis overcoming a migraine that caused blurred vision rushed for 157 yards and 3 touchdowns to win the Super Bowls MVP.

The following year was almost a carbon copy as they dominated the AFC West with a 14 and 2 record, then going on to win Super Bowl XXXIII against the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 19. This was Elway’s last game ever played.

The Broncos have since turned their record around to a career 379 wins, 335 losses and 10 ties.

2006 Denver Broncos Schedule

Date Opponent Time/Result
Aug 11 @ Detroit 7:30 PM
Aug 19 Tennessee 9:00 PM
Aug 27 Houston 8:00 PM
Aug 31 @ Arizona 10:05 PM

Date Opponent Time/Result
Sep 10 @ St. Louis 1:00 PM
Sep 17 Kansas City 4:15 PM
Sep 24 @ New England 8:15 PM
Week 4 BYE
Oct 09 Baltimore 8:30 PM
Oct 15 Oakland 8:15 PM
Oct 22 @ Cleveland 4:05 PM
Oct 29 Indianapolis 4:15 PM
Nov 05 @ Pittsburgh 4:15 PM
Nov 12 @ Oakland 4:05 PM
Nov 19 San Diego 4:15 PM
Nov 23 @ Kansas City 8:00 PM
Dec 03 Seattle 4:15 PM
Dec 10 @ San Diego 4:15 PM
Dec 17 @ Arizona 4:05 PM
Dec 24 Cincinnati 4:15 PM
Dec 31 San Francisco 4:15 PM
All times are Eastern

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