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50 Cent Tickets
In many ways the ideal East Coast hardcore rapper, 50 Cent endured substantial obstacles throughout his young yet remarkably dramatic life before becoming in early 2003 the most-discussed figure in rap, if not pop music in general. Following an unsuccessful late-'90s run at mainstream success (foiled by an attempt on his life in 2000) and a successful run on the New York mix-tape circuit (driven by his early-2000s bout with Ja Rule), Eminem signed 50 Cent to a seven-figure contract in 2002 and helmed his quick rise toward crossover success in 2003.

A Perfect Circle Tickets
Formed by Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and former Tool guitar tech Billy Howerdel, A Perfect Circle is an extension of the alt-metal fused with art rock style popularized by Tool in the early to mid-'90s. While similar to Tool in intensity and melancholy, A Perfect Circle is less dark and more melodic with a theatrical, ambient quality that incorporates occasional strings and unusual instrumentation.

Aimee Mann Tickets
If you're expecting a '90s dance version of 1985's "Voices Carry" to pop up anywhere in Aimee Mann's repertoire, don't bother. The organic, earthy acoustic trills of Mann's solo sound are a world apart from the synthesized New Wave of 'Til Tuesday, the ?80s band with which she initially gained fame. Instead, her songs are quiet, minimalist folk tunes that glisten like acoustic gems, free of embellishments and frills. Near-whispers and softly sung vocals float listlessly, giving a bittersweet edge to Mann's melancholic lyrics. Hers is the sort of music that existed long before Lilith Fair came along and equated folk with tea candles and herbal tea.

Alanis Morissette Tickets
Alanis Morissette was one of the most unlikely stars of the mid-'90s. A former child actress turned dance-pop diva, Morissette transformed herself into a confessional alternative singer/songwriter, in the vein of Liz Phair and Tori Amos. However, she added enough pop sensibility, slight hip-hop flourishes, and marketing savvy to that formula to become a superstar with her third album, Jagged Little Pill.

Alicia Keys Tickets
The Alicia Keys official website says she possesses an "old soul," and the hard facts seem to back up the implied claim of wisdom and experience that transcend Alicia Keys' youth. Barely in her twenties, Keys is responsible for an extremely hot debut, Songs in A Minor. The release, which she wrote and produced for Clive Davis' J Records, blends diverse influences, including R&B, hip-hop, classical, and jazz. The day the album went on the market, it sold more than 50,000 copies. Label executives confidently predicted similarly favorable numbers for the first week's tally.

Allman Brothers Tickets
As the principal architects of Southern rock, the Allman Brothers Band forged this new musical offshoot from elements of blues, jazz, soul, R&B and rock and roll. Along with the Grateful Dead and Cream, they help advance rock as a medium for improvisation. Their kind of jamming required a level of technical virtuosity and musical literacy that was relatively new to rock & roll, which had theretofore largely been a song-oriented medium.

Amy Grant Tickets
Amy Grant was not only one of Christian music's most influential performers, but also became a secular pop star in the late '80s and early '90s. This dichotomy drew ire from some in the fiercely protective gospel/CCM community, while it affected her image in the secular world as a Christian first and attractive pop star second. But Grant herself never gave in to either side. Despite personal adversity and numerous controversies, she continued to be successful in both music worlds, while ultimately being true to herself.

Ani Difranco Tickets
A folk singer in punk's clothing, Ani DiFranco battled successfully against the Goliath of corporate rock to emerge as one of the most influential and inspirational cult heroines of the 1990s. A resolute follower of D.I.Y. ethos, Ani DiFranco released her records through her own label Righteous Babe, slowly but steadily building a devout grass-roots following on the strength of a relentless tour schedule; an ardent feminist and an open bisexual, her songs tackled issues like rape, abortion and sexism with insight and compassion, the music's empowering attitude and anger tempered by the poignant candor of singer-songwriter confessionalism.

Avril Lavigne Tickets
Avril Lavigne's 2002 debut Let Go gave young women a defiant voice and set it to music they could rock out to. Fourteen million albums and eight Grammy nominations later, the Canadian chanteuse returns with Under My Skin but if you're expecting a whole lot of the same, you've got another thing coming. This is not a girl who rests on her laurels.

Barenaked Ladies Tickets
Toronto, Canada's quirky musicians Barenaked Ladies were never ones to follow a trend. They were more interested in making someone laugh than being astute and serious. Most of all, a friendship consumed this band and that bond cemented their place in alternative rock.

Barry Manilow Tickets
In terms of both record sales and career longevity, Barry Manilow is one of the most successful adult contemporary singers ever. That success hasn't necessarily translated to respect (or even ironic hipster appreciation) in most quarters; Barry Manilow's music has been much maligned by critics and listeners alike, particularly the romantic ballads that made his career, which were derided as maudlin schlock even during his heyday.

Beastie Boys Tickets
As the first white rap group of any importance, the Beastie Boys received the scorn of critics and strident hip-hop musicians, who accused them of cultural pirating, especially since they began as a hardcore punk group in 1981. But the Beastie Boys weren't pirating -- they treated rap as part of a post-punk musical underground, where the do-it-yourself aesthetics of hip-hop and punk weren't that far apart. Of course, the exaggerated b-boy and frat-boy parodies of their unexpected hit debut album, Licensed to Ill, didn't help their cause.

Beck Tickets
One of the most inventive and eclectic figures to emerge from the '90s alternative revolution, Beck Hansen was the epitome of postmodern chic in an era obsessed with junk culture. Drawing upon a kaleidoscope of influences -- pop, folk, psychedelia, hip-hop, country, blues, R&B, funk, indie rock, noise rock, experimental rock, jazz, lounge, Brazilian music -- Beck created a body of work that was wildly unpredictable, vibrantly messy, and bursting with ideas.

Billy Joel Tickets
Although Billy Joel never was a critic's favorite, the pianist emerged as one of the most popular singer/songwriters of the latter half of the '70s. Joel's music consistently demonstrates affection for Beatlesque hooks and a flair for Tin Pan Alley and Broadway melodies. His fusion of two distinct eras made him a superstar in the late '70s and '80s, as he racked an impressive string of multi-platinum albums and hit singles.

Blake Shelton Tickets
For a guy who doesn't care much about the idea of ?stardom,? Blake Shelton has made quite a name for himself during the past couple of years. Awards from Billboard, Country Weekly and Music Row magazines, a No. 1 smash single, a chart-topping video and a Gold record all ensued from his astonishing album debut. But for Blake Shelton, those are just happy accompaniments to his main mission, making country music that matters.

Blink 182 Tickets
The new-school punk trio Blink 182 was formed near San Diego, California around guitarist/vocalist Tom Delonge, bassist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Scott Raynor. Originally known as simply Blink, the band debuted in 1993 with a self-released EP, Fly Swatter. After releasing the album Buddha in 1994, the trio signed to Grilled Cheese/Cargo and released Cheshire Cat the following year.

Blue Man Group Tickets
Blue Man Group is a creative organization dedicated to creating exciting and innovative work in a wide variety of media. Founded in 1987 by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink, The Blue Man Group first made waves in the underground performance art scene in New York City. Donning identical black jumpsuits, skullcaps, and vivid blue greasepaint, the trio performed regularly in Central Park, Dixon Place, Performance Space 122, and the Wooster Group's Performing Garage.

Blues Traveler Tickets
By now Blues Traveler has been an undeniable influence for several generations of fans and bands alike. On their new album "Truth Be Told" the band taps into a new well of creativity to produce what an early critic dubbed ?their finest set of songs to date". Anchored by Blues Traveler founding members John Popper, Chan Kinchla and Brendan Hill, and energized by the now "official" addition of band members Tad Kinchla (bass) and Ben Wilson (keys) the band headed into the studio with three years of cohesive live performances and songwriting as a five piece band.

Bob Dylan Tickets
Where would Rock 'n Roll be without Bob Dylan? Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman, on May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. He grew up in the town of Hibbing, MN, where as a child he wrote poems. He taught himself how to play piano and guitar in his early teens and formed a couple of bands, Golden Chords and Elston Gunn and His Rock Boppers. Bob Dylan loved the early rock of Elvis Presley, Little Richard as well as the country and folk singers Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie.

Bon Jovi Tickets
John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on March 2nd, 1962, and grew up in nearby Sayreville. He spent much of his teenage years cutting classes to play guitar and sing in local rock bands. Jon -- he dropped the "h" from his name around this time -- had a music industry connection in cousin Tony who owned the Power Station, a well-known New York City recording studio. He was hired as a janitor, and later began recording demos at the studio, backed by members of the E Street Band, among others.

Brad Paisley Tickets
Born Oct. 28, 1972, in the tiny Ohio River town of Glen Dale, W.Va., Brad Paisley seemed destined for a life of music. By the age of 10, Brad Paisley was playing well enough to accompany himself. He soon began singing in church and at civic meetings for the Lion's Club and the Fraternal Order of Elks. Next, he formed his first band, Brad Paisley & the C-Notes, with his guitar instructor, local musician Clarence "Hank" Goddard. At 12, Brad Paisley wrote his first song, "Born on Christmas Day." His junior high school principal heard it and asked him to do it at the next Rotary Club meeting. In the audience that day was Tom Miller, program director for WWVA, Wheeling's country radio powerhouse.

Brooks & Dunn Tickets
The undisputed kings of the '90s' line-dancing craze, Brooks & Dunn are not only the biggest-selling duo in country music history, they've also sold more records than any other duo period, save for Simon & Garfunkel. Ronnie Dunn was the quietly intense singer with the soulful voice, while Kix Brooks played the part of the high-energy showman. Neither had been able to break through as a solo act, but together they hit upon a winning formula of rambunctious, rocked-up honky tonk with punchy, danceable beats, and alternated those cuts with smooth, pop-tinged ballads. The combination made them one of the most popular country artists of the '90s, and they were still going strong as the new millennium dawned.

Chris Isaak Tickets
Chris Isaak clearly loves the reverb-laden rockabilly and country of Sun Studios. In particular, he transfers the sweeping melancholy of Roy Orbison's classic Monument singles ("Crying," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "In Dreams") to the more stripped-down, rootsy sound of Sun. His stylized take on '50s and '60s rock & roll eventually made him into a star in the early '90s, thanks to the hit single "Wicked Game."

Chris Rock Tickets
Influenced by other comic geniuses including Richard Pryor and Redd Fox, Chris Rock is one of the funniest celebrities in the country. After paying dues as a stand-up comedian, he began appearing on the much-loved skit showcase In Living Color and working in film. With a show-stealing cameo in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! (where he dropped the timeless line "how much for a rib?") and his spot-on portrayal of Pookie the crackhead in New Jack City, Rock's star was on the rise.

Christina Aguilera Tickets
After Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera was the most popular female singer of the late-'90s teen pop revival. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Aguilera was a technically skilled singer with a genuinely powerful voice, belting out her up-tempo dance numbers and ballads with a diva's panache. Born Christina Maria Aguilera on December 18, 1980, on Staten Island, her parents were of Irish and Ecuadorian stock and her father's military career meant the family moved quite a bit during her childhood.

Clay Aiken Tickets
As the runner-up to Fox TV's second American Idol: The Search for a Superstar competition, vocalist Clay Aiken wowed television audiences in 2003 with his Southern charm, sweet demeanor, and bright, glorious voice, and became a pop star. Originally, Clay Aiken planned to try out for the reality TV series The American Race, but went ahead and auditioned for the talent contest to please an encouraging friend. Out of 7,000 hopefuls, the Charlotte, NC, native won the hearts of the judges as well as millions of fans across the globe.

Coldplay Tickets
Coldplay secured a permanent position in Britain's music elite by writing beautiful, simple songs that gently pulled at the heartstrings of a nation. Somewhere in between the confident, vulnerable guitar playing of Jonny Buckland, the melodic bass line of Guy Berryman, thoughtful drumming of Will Champion and lead Chris Martin's stark, tenor vocals are answers for the soul. Although melancholy stands behind every Coldplay song, each one is also steeped in an unusual and sincere optimism rarely found in English bands.

Cold Play Tickets
The four members of Cold Play met whilst attending the University College of London around 1996. They formed the band together over a span of a few months; and from then on, its history.

Counting Crows Tickets
Along with Kurt Cobain, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows will go down as one of rock's most recognizable voices of the nineties. Breathtaking in its range, his voice is more notable for its ability to convey nearly the entire spectrum of human emotion -- from elation to desolation. Eschewing fashion and production wizardry, the band's debut, August and Everything After, concentrated on powerful, intensely honest songwriting and timeless Roots Rock. It made a considerable impact on those within blasting radius of twenty- and thirty-somethings -- things just got a little more real.

Creed Tickets
Creed emerged from a good-sized pack of post-grunge contenders to become one of the biggest-selling rock bands in America during the late '90s. At a time when many other Seattle disciples were lapsing into inactivity or experimenting with less commercially established sounds, Creed carried the torch of straightforward, grungy hard rock without apology, and they were amply rewarded, selling millions upon millions of albums in just a few years' time.

Dan Fogelberg Tickets
Peoria, IL, native Dan Fogelberg has built a devoted following over the years with his laid-back, folky singer/songwriter style. A pianist since 14, Dan Fogelberg switched to guitar and played local coffeehouses while majoring in art at the University of Illinois, where he met ex-student and REO Speedwagon manager Irving Azoff.

Dave Chappelle Tickets
Dave Chappelle is a one of a kind comic that is smart enough to notice the lines he?s crossing, just so that he can go further the next time around. Racy and brash, Dave?s humor is no-holds-barred and, as a result, has made him one of the most successful comics of the past decade with more 40 appearances on national programs like ?The Late Show with David Letterman? and ?Late Night with Conan O?Brien.? Dave?s comic wit is so sharp, you?d think he?s been doing this ever since he was a kid.

Dave Matthews Band Tickets
The Dave Matthews Band was formed in 1991 in Virginia by vocalist and guitarist Dave Matthews. The other Dave Matthews Band members include Stefan Lessard, Leroi Moor, Boyd Tinsley, and Carter Beauford. The band's mix of rock, jazz, folk, and world music allowed them great local success in Virginia and eventual success when touring around the U.S. mostly at clubs and colleges. The band's love of the musical form is apparent in their enthusiasm to play.

David Bowie Tickets
Musicians evolve at the risk of losing their audience -- fans always prefer known quantities to variables. David Bowie is one performer who's made a career out of defying rock convention so flagrantly and with such finesse that fans not only forgive him for it, they worship him. From the fey folk of his pre-Space Oddity days to the right-angled, martinet funk of "Fashion" and Tin Machine's bloated Hard Rock, David Bowie's only constant has been his inconstancy.

Def Leppard Tickets
Def Leppard, in many ways, was the definitive hard rock band of the '80s. There were many bands that rocked harder, and were more dangerous, than the Sheffield quintet, but few others captured the spirit of the times quite as well. Emerging in the late '70s as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the group actually owed more to the glam-rock and metal of the early '70s -- their sound was equal parts T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Depeche Mode Tickets
Originally a product of Britain's New Romantic movement, Depeche Mode went on to become the quintessential electro-pop band of the 1980s; one of the first acts to establish a musical identity based completely around the use of synthesizers, the group began their existence as a bouncy dance-pop outfit but gradually developed a darker, more dramatic sound which ultimately positioned them as one of the most successful alternative bands of their era.

Destiny?s Child Tickets
Destiny's Child rose to become one of the most popular female R&B groups of the late '90s, eventually rivaling even TLC in terms of blockbuster commercial success. Their accomplishments came in spite of several abrupt personnel changes, which were accompanied by heated, well-publicized feuds in the media and the courts. In fact, for a time, Destiny's Child was known for that drama just as much as their music. Once the group stabilized again, though, they emerged with even more hit making power than ever before.

Diana Krall Tickets
Singer/pianist Diana Krall got her musical education when she was growing up in Nanaimo, British Columbia, from the classical piano lessons she began at age four and in her high school jazz band, but mostly from her father, a stride piano player with an extensive record collection. "I think Dad has every recording Fats Waller ever made," she said, "and I tried to learn them all." Diana Krall attended the Berklee College of Music on a music scholarship in the early '80s, then moved to Los Angeles, where she lived for three years before moving to Toronto.

Dido Tickets
Dido was born on December 25, 1971, in London, England. Her unusual name can be attributed to the African warrior queen she was named after. The daughter of a literary agent and a poet (Dido's mother used to write poems as a hobby), she grew up without the luxury of television.

Don Henley Tickets
Out of all of the Eagles, Don Henley had the most successful solo career. After the group broke up in 1982, Don Henley released his first solo album, I Can't Stand Still. Although it wasn't as successful as an Eagles record, the album performed respectably, launching the number three single "Dirty Laundry" and going gold. Building the Perfect Beast followed two years later and established Don Henley as a solo star in his own right.

Duran Duran Tickets
Duran Duran is largely responsible for bringing New Wave and New Romantic music to the mainstream. Taking their moniker from the film Barbarella, Duran Duran personified the 1980s by utilizing an exciting new concept called the music video. Anyone watching MTV back then was introduced to five English dandies from Birmingham who were jet-setting all over the globe. Duran Duran's signature style of seductive pop music is rooted in Funk rhythms, crafty Pop arrangements, and Glam rock melodies. The band first broke with the serpentine hit "Is There Something I Should Know."

Dwight Yoakam Tickets
With his stripped-down approach to traditional honky tonk and Bakersfield country, Dwight Yoakam helped return country music to its roots in the late '80s. Like his idols Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams, Dwight Yoakam never played by Nashville's roots; consequently, he never dominated the charts like his contemporary Randy Travis. Then again, Travis never played around with the sound and style of country music like Dwight Yoakam. On each of his records, he twists around the form enough to make it seem like he doesn't respect all of country's traditions.

Eric Clapton Tickets
Eric Patrick Clapton was born on 30 March 1945 in his grandparents' home at 1 The Green, Ripley, Surrey, England. He was the illegitimate son of 16-year-old Patricia Molly Clapton (b. 7 January 1929, d. March 1999) and Edward Walter Fryer (b. 21 March 1920, d. 1985), a 24-year-old Canadian soldier stationed in England. Before Clapton was born, Fryer returned to his wife in Canada. Pat's parents, Rose and Jack Clapp*, cared for young Eric.

Evanescence Tickets
Although the band's name may suggest a sudden vanishing, the music of Evanescence is poised for longevity. Fallen, the Wind-up Records debut of this talented quartet from Little Rock, Arkansas, is an emotional, ethereal work of undeniable potency guided by the heavenly vocals of Amy Lee. "We're definitely a rock band," says the 20-year-old Lee. "But the twist is that the band's music is epic, dramatic, dark rock."

Fleetwood Mac Tickets
While most bands undergo a number of changes over the course of their career, few groups experienced such radical stylistic changes as Fleetwood Mac. Initially conceived as a hard-edged British blues combo in the late '60s, the band gradually evolved into a polished pop/rock act over the course of a decade. Throughout all of their incarnations, the only consistent members of Fleetwood Mac were drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie -- the rhythm section who provided the band with its name. Ironically, they had the least influence over the musical direction of the band.

Foo Fighters Tickets
While he was drumming with Nirvana, Dave Grohl was recording original songs at home that never received public release. Those tapes would become the foundation of Foo Fighters, the band he formed in 1995, after the death of Kurt Cobain. Like Nirvana, Foo Fighters melded loud, heavy guitars with pretty melodies and mixed punk sensibilities with a sharp sense of pop songwriting.

George Lopez Tickets
George Lopez is one of the premier comedic talents in the entertainment industry today. He is the co-creator, writer, producer and star of the ABC network and Warner Bros. Television produced sitcom, ?George Lopez.? Lopez?s CD ?Team Leader? was released on Oglio Records/Warner Bros. to great public acclaim. The CD was nominated for a 2004 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. His previous best-selling CD ?Right Now Right Now? was released in 2001. In May 2004, George?s autobiography ?Why You Crying?? was released on the Touchstone/Fireside division of Simon & Schuster.

George Thorogood Tickets
A blues-rock guitarist who draws his inspiration from Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor, and Chuck Berry, George Thorogood never earned much respect from blues purists, but he became a popular favorite in the early '80s through repeated exposure on FM radio and the arena rock circuit. George Thorogood's music was always loud, simple, and direct -- his riffs and licks were taken straight out of '50s Chicago blues and rock & roll -- but his formulaic approach helped him gain a rather large audience in the '80s, when his albums regularly went gold.

Gipsy Kings Tickets
The Gipsy Kings are largely responsible for bringing the joyful sounds of progressive pop-oriented flamenco, called Sevillana in Spain, to the world. The band started out in Arles, a village in southern France during the '70s when brothers Nicolas and Andre Reyes, the sons of renowned flamenco artist Jose Reyes, teamed up with their cousins Jacques, Maurice and Tonino Baliardo, whose father is Manitas de Plata. They originally called themselves Los Reyes and started out as a gypsy band traveling about playing weddings, festivals, and in the streets.

Gloria Estefan Tickets
As one of the biggest new stars to emerge during the mid-'80s, singer Gloria Estefan predated the coming Latin pop explosion by a decade, scoring a series of propulsive dance hits rooted in the rhythms of her native Cuba before shifting her focus to softer, more ballad-oriented fare.

Goo Goo Dolls Tickets
The three words that aptly sum up the Goo Goo Dolls career to date - aspiration, attainment and the ability to surpass all expectations - are also the essential elements in the creation of Gutterflower, the trio's brilliant new offering on Warner Bros. Records, featuring their stunning new single "Here Is Gone."

Good Charlotte Tickets
The East Coast post-grunge quartet Good Charlotte is just barely distinctive from the likes of corporate alternative rockers Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind, but the fresh five faces composing this quintet from Maryland first started off in 1996, practically shy of strumming a chord. Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden and his twin brother guitarist Benji, who never sang or played an instrument in their lives, were instantly inspired to form a band after seeing the Beastie Boys on their 1995 Ill Communication tour.

Green Day Tickets
Out of all the post-Nirvana American alternative bands to break into the pop mainstream, Green Day was second only to Pearl Jam in terms of influence. At their core, Green Day was simply punk revivalists, recharging the energy of speedy, catchy three-chord punk-pop songs. Though their music wasn't particularly innovative, they brought the sound of late-'70s punk to a new, younger generation with Dookie, their 1994 major-label debut.

Hilary Duff Tickets
Arguably the only teen pop star with the potential to rival or surpass the popularity of Britney Spears -- albeit with a very different approach -- Hilary Duff made a name for herself on the enormously successful Disney Channel/ABC Kids show Lizzie McGuire, which she parlayed into careers as a pop singer and film actress. Like most overnight successes, Hilary Duff paid her dues for a few years before her big break.

Indigo Girls Tickets
While they came into prominence as part of the late-'80s folky-singer/songwriter revival, the Indigo Girls have had staying power where other artists from the same era quickly faded. Their two-women-with-guitars formula may not seem very revolutionary on paper, but the combination of two distinct personalities and songwriting styles provides a tension and an interesting balance.

Jackson Browne Tickets
In many ways, Jackson Browne was the quintessential sensitive Californian singer-songwriter of the early '70s. Only Joni Mitchell and James Taylor ranked alongside him in terms of influence, but neither artist tapped into the post-'60s zeitgeist like Jackson Browne.

James Taylor Tickets
When people use the term "singer/songwriter" (often modified by the word "sensitive") in praise or in criticism, they're thinking of James Taylor. In the early '70s, when he appeared with his introspective songs, acoustic guitar, and calm, understated singing style, he mirrored a generation's emotional exhaustion after tumultuous times. Just as Bing Crosby's reassuring voice brought the country out of the Depression and through World War II, James Taylor's eased the transition from '60s activism and its attendant frustrations into the less political, more inward-looking '70s.

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets
Jerry Seinfeld?s unique brand of "observational humor" has made him one of the most popular and most imitated comedians in America. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Massapequa ("It's an old Indian name that means 'by the mall'") Seinfeld began hitting the club circuit the night he graduated from Queens College; he performed stand-up for free at times just to perfect his act.

Jessica Simpson Tickets
Just one listen to Jessica Simpson?s ?In This Skin?, you will sense many things ? romance, love, sexuality, maturity, sweetness, and peace of mind. Yet, the biggest thing that will stand out is the sound of a woman discovering herself and staying true to her heart.

Jewel Tickets
In 1997, all the critical accolades may have gone to Beck, but the real pop success story of that year belonged to a 21-year-old woman named Jewel Kilcher. Raised in Homer, Alaska, where she grew up in what might best be described as an alternative "hippie" environment (her parents, in fact, were a folk music duo before they divorced), Jewel began performing at the age of eight. She seemed to have a natural ability for music, and she later learned to play guitar while on scholarship at the prestigious Interlochen Music Academy in Michigan.

John Fogerty Tickets
John Cameron Fogerty achieved fame as the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist in Creedence Clearwater Revival and has since gone on to a chart-topping solo career. Born in Berkeley, CA, John Fogerty and his brother Tom organized the group that would become Creedence as the Golliwogs in the late '50s. As Creedence, they released nine Top Ten singles, all written by John Fogerty, between 1969 and 1971, starting with the standard "Proud Mary."

Journey Tickets
During its initial 14 years of existence (1973-1987), Journey altered its musical approach and its personnel extensively while becoming a top touring and recording band. The only constant factor was guitarist Neal Schon (b. Feb. 27, 1954), a music prodigy who had been a member of Santana in 1971-1972.

Julio Iglesias Tickets
Julio Iglesias was the most popular Latin singer of the '70s and '80s, selling over 100 million albums around the world. Julio Iglesias is a smooth, romantic crooner and his appeal translated to many different countries in many different languages.

Keith Urban Tickets
Born in New Zealand, Keith Urban learned to play guitar as a six-year-old in Australia, after a young woman asked to place an ad in his dad's shop window offering guitar lessons. His parents made a deal with her that they would advertise in return for lessons for their young son. The boy had natural ability. By the time he was eight, Keith Urban was winning talent shows. He also was involved in a youth acting company which required him to sing, dance, and memorize lines, all of which led to the ease on stage which would serve him well in his music career.

Kelly Clarkson Tickets
Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982, in the small town of Burleson, Texas. Two factors contributed in setting her on the path to stardom. First, the movie Jaws deterred her from her childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist. Second, a teacher at Pauline Hughes Middle School heard Kelly Clarkson singing in the hallway, recognized her talent, and encouraged her to join the choir. Thirteen years old at the time, Kelly Clarkson was a singing fiend from there on out.

Kid Rock Tickets
One of the unlikeliest success stories in rock at the turn of the millennium, Detroit rap-rocker Kid Rock shot to superstardom with his fourth full-length album, 1998's Devil Without a Cause. What made it so shocking was that Rock had recorded his first demo a full decade before, been booted off major label Jive following his Beastie Boys-ish 1990 debut Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, and toiled for most of the decade in obscurity, releasing albums to a small, devoted, mostly local fan base while earning his fair share of ridicule around his home state. Nevertheless, Rock persevered, and by the time rap-metal had begun to attract a substantial audience, he had perfected the outlandish, over-the-top white-trash persona that gave Devil Without a Cause such a distinctive personality and made it such an infectious party record.

Korn Tickets
Korn's cathartic alternative funk-metal sound positioned the group among the most popular and provocative to emerge during the post-grunge era. Korn began its existence as the Bakersfield, California-based metal band LAPD, which included guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch, bassist Reginald "Fieldy Snuts" Arvizu, and drummer David Silveria. After issuing an LP, the members of LAPD in 1993 crossed paths with Jonathan Davis, a mortuary science student moonlighting as the lead vocalist for the local group Sexart; they soon asked Davis to join the band, and upon his arrival, the quintet rechristened themselves Korn.

LeAnn Rimes Tickets
In 1996, LeAnn Rimes burst out of nowhere with her debut single, "Blue," which immediately captured the attention of country fans across America. It wasn't just the fact that her rich, powerful vocals were remarkably similar to Patsy Cline -- it was the fact that LeAnn Rimes was only 13 years old. Like Tanya Tucker and Brenda Lee before her, she had a hit with her debut single and was barely a teenager at the time. It was quite an auspicious way to begin a career.

Lenny Kravitz Tickets
There may have been other retro rock artists before Lenny Kravitz came along, but he was one of the first to not be stereotyped to a certain style as he?s tested such genres as soul, reggae, hard rock, funk, folk, ballads and psychedelic over the years. Born to actress Roxie Roker of the Jeffersons and a television producer father in New York on May 26, 1964, Kravitz was raised in Los Angeles, where he found himself in the midst of musical talent as a youngster due to his parents? friendships with the likes of Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Bobby Short, and among others.

Linkin Park Tickets
Linkin Park saw its beginnings in emcee/vocalist Mike Shinoda's small bedroom studio, where he and Brad Delson recorded the band's first material in 1996. The two had attended high school together, where they met the band's drummer, Rob Bourdon. Shinoda hooked up with DJ Joseph Hahn while studying illustration at Art Center College in Pasadena. Meanwhile, attending UCLA, Delson shared an apartment with bassist Phoenix, who left the band after college and returned a year later.

LL Cool J Tickets
LL Cool J might not have been rap's first artist, but he may well be its most durable. In a career that's spanned more than 15 years, the New York native has managed to navigate hip-hop's stormy waters and create a body of work dotted with touchstones for up-and-comers in the genre. Moreover, based on the evidence thus far, LL Cool J stands a good chance of becoming the most respected actor ever to emerge from the hip-hop landscape. Certainly, few artists in any style of music have shown more ambition or a greater work ethic.

Lonestar Tickets
As the name implies, all of Lonestar's members drifted into Music City from Texas. Dean Sams was working at the Country Music USA show at the Opryland theme park when he began rounding up musicians for a band. By late 1992, Sams had recruited singer-songwriter Richie McDonald and vocalist John Rich, as well as two former members of the band Canyon -- Michael Britt and Keech Rainwater.

Lucinda Williams Tickets
The object of cultish adoration for years, singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams was universally hailed as a major talent by both critics and fellow musicians, but it took quite some time for her to parlay that respect into a measure of attention from the general public. Part of the reason was her legendary perfectionism: Williams released records only infrequently, often taking years to hone both the material and the recordings thereof.

Mariah Carey Tickets
Born and raised in New York by her mother, a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach, Mariah Carey began singing at age four. By the time she was in junior high school, she had begun to write songs. After her high school graduation, she got her first big break, singing backup for Brenda K. Starr, a break that led to her signing with Columbia Records.

Marilyn Manson Tickets
"Marilyn Manson" (born Brian Warner on January 5, 1969), originally a music journalist, is the vocalist and founding member of industrial rock band Marilyn Manson. As a band, Marilyn Manson got their start in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1990 as "Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids?. Marilyn Manson's early presentation had a more comic-bookish, ''Scooby Doo'' style than the dark, brooding style of their later image.

Martina McBride Tickets
Although she?s widely acknowledged as the premier female vocalist in country music today, Martina McBride is not content to rest on her impressive laurels, which include a shelf full of industry awards. The petite powerhouse unveils a deeper, stronger, more confident sound on her eighth studio album, Martina, proving that she may be in her prime, but definitely not at her peak. Somehow, she?s managed to improve upon near-perfection by focusing on what she does best: delivering emotional performances of mature country songs with poignant, timeless themes. Martina McBride continues to build on her solid foundation of creating songs that instantly become today?s hits and tomorrow?s standards.

Mary J. Blige Tickets
Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige came from humble beginnings. Born in the Bronx, she spent her early childhood years in Savannah, Georgia. Her family returned to New York when she was five years old, and at the age of seven, she first began singing in a church choir. Though Mary J. Blige has made reference to happy times in the church, for the most part she experienced a tough upbringing in Yonkers' Slowbam projects, which were nicknamed "Slow Bomb" by their tenants, and for good reason.

Matchbox 20 Tickets
Upon the release of their debut album Yourself or Someone Like You in the fall of 1996, Matchbox 20 was pigeonholed as one of the legions of post-grunge guitar-bands that roamed the American pop scene in the middle of the '90s. As their first single, "Push," climbed the charts, it was widely assumed (at least by cynical critics) that they were a one-hit wonder, but Yourself or Someone Like You continued to spin off singles well into 1998. By that time, the group's blend of '70s arena rock and early '90s American alterna-rock -- closer to Pearl Jam and maybe REM than Nirvana -- had become the sound of mainstream American rock. That transition slipped underneath the radar of many pop music critics and fans.

Matchbox Twenty Tickets
Mad season by Matchbox Twenty, the long-awaited second Melisma/Lava/Atlantic release from Matchbox Twenty, stands as a great leap forward for one of today's most compelling rock n' roll groups. Following the stunning success of their explosive 1996 Lava/Atlantic debut, "YOURSELF OR SOMEONE LIKE YOU," this soul-infused collection of modern classics amply demonstrates the band's remarkably expressive range and power. From the potent and powerful pop of "Black & White People" to the turbulent "Angry" and "You Won't Be Mine," each of the new album's thirteen tracks is a showcase for the dynamic, melodic Matchbox Twenty sound, as well as the singular mark of triple Grammy-winner Rob Thomas's intimate yet universal songwriting.

Melissa Etheridge Tickets
"The reason I put 'Lucky' as the first track," Melissa Etheridge says of the title cut to her eighth album,? is also the reason I called the album Lucky: I don't want anybody to have any false ideas that this album is not an up album." She also could have called it When You Find The One after its closing track, a lullaby-like paean to a new love. Of the album's 13 new songs, nine of them bask in the glory of being madly, deeply and hopelessly in love, injecting Lucky with a lightheartedness not found on Melissa Etheridge's last outing, 2001's Skin, which narrated the dissolution of a very public 12-year relationship.

Michael Buble Tickets
Michael Buble's introduction to the music of the swing era came to him through his grandfather, who filled his grandson's ears with the sounds of the Mills Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and others. As Michael Buble eagerly absorbed the recordings, he began to realize that he wanted to be a singer and that this style of music, virtually foreign to his own generation, was what he wanted to perform.

Missy Elliott Tickets
As Missy Elliott gets ready to drop her fifth incredible album in six years, This Is Not A Test, there's no doubt that she's become one of hip hop's cultural magnets in 2003, turning up in one of the most talked about TV commercials of the year a Gap ad featuring Madonna, no less and turning it out in this year's most infamous chorus line with Christina, Britney, and, of course, Madonna.

Modest Mouse Tickets
Modest Mouse is an American independent rock band. Modest Mouse was formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington by guitarist Isaac Brock, drummer Jeremiah Green and bassist Eric Judy. Isaac Brock came up with the name Modest Mouse after reading a book in which the author described the working middle class as modest, mouse-like people.

Morrissey Tickets
The most compelling British pop star of the '80s, Morrissey (b. Stephen Patrick Morrissey, May 22, 1959, Manchester, England) and his legendary pop group the Smiths were responsible for some of the most thought-provoking and intelligent rock 'n' roll of the post-punk era. Always quotable, always enmeshed in controversies regarding song lyrics or deliberately provocative public statements, Morrissey proved to be the wisest manipulator of the press since David Bowie had invented Ziggy Stardust a decade earlier.

Motley Crue Tickets
The band that would become Motley Crue got it?s start in 1981 when two musicians, Nikki Sixx, a bassist, and Tommy Lee, a drummer, combined forced and started a new project. Mick Mars, a skilled guitarist, was added to the newly formed group as was front man Vince Neil soon after.

Natalie Merchant Tickets
First rising to fame at the helm of the popular folk-rock band 10,000 Maniacs, Natalie Merchant subsequently enjoyed even greater success as a solo performer as her plaintive vocals and literate, socially conscious songs established her among the preeminent female performers in contemporary pop.

Neil Diamond Tickets
Neil Diamond built a career, first as a pop songwriter, and then as a pop singer, that has withstood the changing fashions of music, especially rock, over more than 25 years. Born in Brooklyn, Neil Diamond was writing and recording in New York in his teens, though he graduated from Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School and attended New York University for a time. In 1965, he signed to Bang Records as an artist while also working as a songwriter. In 1966, he reached the Top Ten with his "Cherry, Cherry," while the Monkeys took his "I'm a Believer" to #1. "Cherry, Cherry" was the first of five straight Top 20 hits, among them "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon."

Nelly Tickets
When Nelly first debuted nationally in summer 2000, he seemed like a novelty, but it quickly became apparent that he was, in fact, an exceptional artist, a rapper with truly universal appeal. He wasn't from the East or West Coast, and wasn't really from the Dirty South, either. Rather, Nelly was from St. Louis, a Midwestern city halfway between Minneapolis and New Orleans. His locale certainly informed his rapping style, which was as much country as urban, and his dialect as well, which was, similarly, as much Southern drawl as Midwestern twang. Plus, Nelly never shied away from a pop-rap approach, embracing a singalong vocal style that made his hooks incredibly catchy.

Nickelback Tickets
Whether it?s the state you're in or your state of mind... Nickelback take you from there, to a whole different place. The sound is a maelstrom of energy, drawing on classic and contemporary influences that bring to mind everything from Led Zeppelin to Creed. Then there's the name ?Nickelback?- what's that about? "The truth?" asks bassist Mike Kroeger, "We couldn't decide what to call ourselves and after recording our first songs, we still didn't have a name. I was working as a cashier at Starbucks Coffee and let's just say... coffee was $1.45."

No Doubt Tickets
When a group plays an industry show (where the label execs attend) a recording contract is usually forthcoming. No Doubt's first crack at the big time came just before Christmas in '87 at the Roxy in Hollywood. But earlier that year, lead singer John Spence had shot himself in an Anaheim park. Gwen Stefani made the move from backing to lead vocals, but the group, still trying to recover, didn't do so well. They decided to break up. But a couple of days later, they reversed their decision.

Ozzy Osbourne Tickets
Ozzy Osbourne is all about thousands upon thousands of real people who love a great time letting go. Getting crazy. Hearing the very best loud and heavy music there is to hear. And not being enslaved like sheep to the new trends and rules.

Pat Green Tickets
Pat Green was born in San Antonio and raised in Waco, Texas, the eighth of nine siblings. His father was a stage actor, and Pat Green fell in love with the musicals his father acted in.

Patti Labelle Tickets
A diva in the tradition of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle has been dishing out popular R&B/pop tunes for close to forty years, accumulating gold records, fame, fans and wealth in the process. From her early days as part of her self-titled soul-group Labelle, to her departure to pursue a solo career, Patti Labelle has remained as visible, and as talented, as her first day on the scene.

Paul McCartney Tickets
Out of all the former Beatles, Paul McCartney by far had the most successful solo career, maintaining a constant presence in the British and American charts during the '70s and '80s. In America alone, he had nine number one singles and seven number one albums during the first 12 years of his solo career. Although he sold records, McCartney never attained much critical respect, especially when compared to his former partner John Lennon.

Pearl Jam Tickets
Pearl Jam rose from the ashes of Mother Love Bone to become the most popular American rock & roll band of the '90s. After vocalist Andrew Wood overdosed on heroin in 1990, guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament assembled a new band, bringing in Mike McCready on lead guitar and recording a demo with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron on drums.

Peter Gabriel Tickets
As the leader of Genesis in the early '70s, Peter Gabriel helped move progressive rock to new levels of theatricality. In his solo career, Peter Gabriel was no less ambitious, but he was more subtle in his methods. With his first eponymous solo album in 1977, he began exploring darker, more cerebral territory, incorporating avant-garde, electronic, and world beat influences into his music. The record, as well as its two similarly titled successors, established Peter Gabriel as a critically acclaimed cult artist, and with 1982's Security, he began to move into the mainstream; "Shock the Monkey" became his first Top 40 hit, paving the way for his multi-platinum breakthrough So in 1986.

Phil Collins Tickets
Phil Collins' ascent to the status of one of the most successful pop and adult-contemporary singers of the '80s and beyond was probably as much of a surprise to him as it was to many others. Balding and diminutive, Phil Collins was almost 30 years old when his first solo single, "In the Air Tonight," became a #2 hit in his native U.K. (the song was a Top 20 hit in the U.S.). Between 1984 and 1990, Phil Collins had a string of 13 straight U.S. Top Ten hits.

Phish Tickets
Like the Grateful Dead before them, Phish have established an impressive reputation of tireless touring, dazzling improvisation and innovative rock 'n' roll.

Pixies Tickets
Combining jagged, roaring guitars and stop-start dynamics with melodic pop hooks, intertwining male-female harmonies and evocative, cryptic lyrics, the Pixies were one of the most influential American alternative rock bands of the late '80s. The Pixies weren't accomplished musicians -- Black Francis wailed and bashed out chords while Joey Santiago's lead guitar squealed out spirals of noise.

Radiohead Tickets
Radiohead was one of the few alternative bands of the early '90s to draw heavily from the grandiose arena-rock that characterized U2's early albums. But Radiohead internalized that epic sweep, turning it inside out to tell tortured, twisted tales of angst and alienation. Vocalist Thom Yorke's pained lyrics were brought to life by the group's three-guitar attack, which relied on texture -- borrowing as much from My Bloody Valentine and Pink Floyd as R.E.M. and the Pixies -- instead of virtuosity.

Randy Travis Tickets
Randy Travis marks a generational shift in country music. When his Storms of Life came out in 1986, country music was still wallowing in the post-urban cowboy recession, chasing elusive crossover dreams. Randy Travis brought the music back to its basics, sounding like nothing so much as a perfect blend of George Jones and Merle Haggard. He became the dominant male voice in country until the rise of "hat acts" like Garth Brooks and Clint Black, releasing seven consecutive number one singles during one stretch. He won the CMA's Horizon Award in 1986 and was the association's Male Vocalist of the Year in 1987 and 1988.

Rascal Flatts Tickets
The origins of Rascal Flatts began with co-founders, Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus, second cousins and close friends from Columbus, Ohio. "I grew up in a very musical family," says Jay DeMarcus about his musical roots. "My earliest memories are of us sitting around the living room on Friday and Saturday nights and everybody coming around to the house and picking up whatever instrument was lying around and playing music all night long."

Reba McEntire Tickets
Nothing about Reba McEntire?s entry into country music in 1976 foreshadowed the enormous achievements she would make as an entertainer and businesswoman. From the mid-1980s until the late 1990s, she was clearly the dominant female presence in the country format. By the time she fell victim to changing musical tastes, she had already extended her talents to acting.

REM Tickets
REM mark the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock. When their first single, "Radio Free Europe," was released in 1981 it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground. While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the US during the early '80s, REM brought guitar-pop back into the underground lexicon. Combining ringing guitar hooks with mumbled, cryptic lyrics and a D.I.Y. aesthetic borrowed from post-punk, the band simultaneously sounded traditional and modern. Though there were no overt innovations in their music, REM had an identity and sense of purpose that transformed the American underground.

Robert Earl Keen Tickets
Among the large contingent of talented songwriters who emerged in Texas in the 1980s and 1990s, Robert Earl Keen struck an unusual balance between sensitive story portraits ("Corpus Christi Bay") and raucous barroom fun ("That Buckin' Song"). These two song types in Robert Earl Keen's output were unified by a mordant sense of humor that strongly influenced the early practitioners of what would become known as alternative country music.

Rod Stewart Tickets
Roderick David Stewart" (born January 10, 1945) is an English singer from Scottish descent. Minutes before Rod Stewart was born in Highgate, London, a German V2 rocket exploded into the Police Station right down the street, maybe a sign that this baby was going to be a big hit. Stewart was the youngest of five children born to Robert and Elsie Stewart. His parents owned a newsagent's shop in North London, and the family resided above the shop.

Rush Tickets
Over the course of their decades-spanning career, the Canadian power trio Rush emerged as one of hard rock's most highly-regarded bands; although typically brushed aside by critics and rare recipients of mainstream pop radio airplay, the group nonetheless won an impressive and devoted fan following, while their virtuoso performance skills solidified their standing as musicians' musicians.

Sarah Brightman Tickets
Broadway star Sarah Brightman was the inspiration behind such stage hits as Phantom of the Opera and Requiem, written in her honor by ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber. Born August 14, 1960 in Berkhampstead, England, Sarah Brightman began dancing at the age of three and ten years later made her London theatrical debut in Charles Strouse's I and Albert.

Sarah McLachlan Tickets
Sarah McLachlan was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968 but wasn't discovered by record executives until fronting a new wave band in Vancouver in 1985. Her first album, Touch, was released in 1988 and went gold in Canada, establishing Sarah McLachlan as a sensitive young singer-songwriter with an affecting voice and a down-to-earth, shy genuineness that immediately struck a chord with her ever-expanding audience.

Scorpions Tickets
The Scorpions are a German-bred hard rock band became one of the biggest attractions in the 1980's heavy metal scene with radio-friendly hits like "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "No One Like You," "Big City Nights" and "Winds Of Change." Founded by shrieking, frizzy-haired vocalist Klaus Meine and flamboyant, spandex-clad rhythm guitarist Rudolph Schenker, the Scorpions have had many interchangeable sidemen over the years.

The Hives Tickets
Eight years into their career, the Hives rose from garage rock stalwarts to one of the trendiest bands of the early 2000s, along with the Strokes and the White Stripes. Mixing arty contrivances such as a strict black-and-white dress code and the guidance of a (possibly imaginary) Svengali named Randy Fitzsimmons with Stooges-inspired rock, the Hives -- Nicholaus Arson, Chris Dangerous, Dr. Matt Destruction, Vigilante Carlstroem, and Howlin' Pelle Almqvist -- formed in 1993 in Fagersta, Sweden, while they were still in their teens. After signing with a subsidiary of the Burning Heart label in 1995, they released their debut EP, Oh Lord! When? How?, the following year.

Tom Petty Tickets
Upon the release of their first album in the late '70s, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers were shoehorned into the punk/new wave movement by some observers, who picked up on the tough, vibrant energy of the group's blend of Byrds riffs and Stonesy swagger. In a way, the categorization made sense. Compared to the heavy metal and art-rock that dominated mid-'70s guitar-rock, the Tom Petty?s bracing return to roots was nearly as unexpected as the crashing chords of the Clash.

Tori Amos Tickets
Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) was one of several female singer/songwriters who combined the stark lyrical attack of alternative rock with a distinctly '70s musical approach. Her music falls between the orchestrated meditations of Kate Bush and the stripped-down poetics of Joni Mitchell. In addition to reviving the singer/songwriter traditions of the '70s, Amos revived the piano as a rock & roll instrument. With her 1992 album, Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos built a dedicated following that continued to expand with her second album, Under the Pink.

U2 Articles
The story of U2... The history of U2... U2 News...

Usher Tickets
"With every album, I try to better myself. I'm a perfectionist and with the success of my last record, I wasn't sure about where my growth should be - as a performer, as a vocalist. I always felt like I held something back on my albums - on every album, I was playing a 'role'. This time, I decided to shake my fears and allow my personality to come through. I've really 'lived' this album: I'm in a healthy place right now. I'm 25-years old and I'm dealing with my responsibilities as a man and I'm not afraid to speak, to be realistic and talk about the issues men deal with [in relationships]."

Velvet Revolver Tickets
Velvet Revolver began with a spring 2002 jam session that reunited ex-Guns N' Roses bandmates Slash (guitar), Duff McKagan (bass), and Matt Sorum (drums) on-stage. With the discovery that their chemistry was still going strong, the Velvet Revolver trio began pushing around some new music and auditioning singers for what became known as "The Project." Early entries included ex-Buckcherry shouter Josh Todd, and Neurotica's Kelly Shaefer; both became acquainted with the cutting room floor. By early 2003, "The Project"'s existence -- and Velvet Revolver?s quest for a singer -- was common knowledge, so much so that VH1 sent cameras to document the search.

White Stripes Tickets
Detroit minimalist rock duo the White Stripes -- Jack White, guitar and vocals, Meg White, drums -- formed in 1997 (Bastille Day, to be precise) with the idea of making simple rock & roll music. From the red and white peppermint candy motif of the White Stripes? debut singles, self-titled album, and stage show to their on-the-surface rudimentary style, they succeeded wildly and immediately with that mission.

Wiggles Tickets
It's The Wiggles! The Wiggles are children's entertainers that have rewritten the book about how children can be entertained with song and dance.

Willie Nelson Tickets
As a songwriter and a performer, Willie Nelson played a vital role in post-rock & roll country music. Although he didn't become a star until the mid-'70s, Nelson spent the '60s writing songs that became hits for stars like Ray Price ("Night Life"), Patsy Cline ("Crazy"), Faron Young ("Hello Walls"), and Billy Walker ("Funny How Time Slips Away") as well as releasing a series of records on Liberty and RCA that earned him a small, but devoted, cult following.

Yanni Tickets
Yanni's grandiose keyboard style is both accessible and exciting, two elements that have led to his success in the realm of adult-alternative radio. His explosive, pop-influenced instrumentals and romantic pianistic ballads have also made him a popular touring and recording artist for the Private Music label.

Yes Tickets
Yes was the quintessential English art-rock band, with all the excess and all the glory that entails. Loaded with too much virtuosity, too many ideas and too many personnel changes for one band to deal with, Yes has produced its share of spotty albums over the past 20 years. Yet during its classic period (lasting between 1970's The Yes Album and 1977's Going For The One), Yes was almost consistently inspired.

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